55 Mark Wertz Racing

Inspired by Mark Wertz Racing, I decided to replicate (the best that I could), this beautiful number. It isn’t an exact replica of the number, because quite frankly, I ran out of talent trying to copy it exactly, pixel for pixel.

Anyway, I wanted to share this number because I think it is brilliant. A lot of time and rough drafts went into making this number. I can just tell it did. I say that, because I don’t see many race car numbers that have this sort of detail in it.

First, it looks to be a custom font. Meaning, the person who originally made it might have used a font as a base, but customized it to his liking. Or, he just made the number from scratch. Which makes it that much more appealing to me. Second, the style attracted me immediately. What I mean by that is the font style, the shadows and the beveled look it has. The colors used. The color of the outlines used. I can go on and on. As soon as I saw this number, I knew I had to try and replicate it.

It about 50 shades……excuse me, 55 shades of fucking brilliance! I just love this number. The whole thing is just, it’s just everything I like seeing on a race car. And it’s what I always imagined what a race car number should look like.

To whomever made this number, my hats off to ya. It’s amazing.