NWS11 Dev Kit

So, this is it. If you are interested in making a mod for the Nascar Racing 2003 sim by Papyrus, then this might help you figure out what’s needed,  and the work your going to have to plan ahead for.

What you will find in the zipped up folder, is a organized folder structure. Inside the folders, you’ll find every single 3d model needed, and they are labeled as such so you can quickly see what LOD model you will be looking at. For example, you’ll see the LOD1 models. The LOD1 damaged models. And further on down all the way until the LOD9 models. The interior models, the cockpit models. The driver animation.  It’s all in there.

You’ll also find the scripts. The scripts have comments in them so you can follow along and understand what exactly a specific part of the script does. You’ll find out how and why textures also known as mip files are named the way they are, why they are named that way, and the purpose of each texture/mip.

This zipped up file is everything you’ll need to create your own mod. If you decide to build your own mod, and If you decide to use these scripts, if you name each model and texture the same way they are in the script, this script is bulletproof. It’s a keep it simple stupid type of script. But it works, and it’s what has been used to create mods from the Bullring 2010 COT mod right up to the NXS20 mod, with some adjustments of course in the scripts themselves for things that have been added or taken away. Or, you can opt to name your 3d models and textures any way you like, but you’ll have to edit the script accordingly.

The hope here by putting this up for download, is for everyone in the NR2003 community to get a better understanding into what is involved with making a mod. And a learning tool for those that wish to jump in and figure out what are the minimum requirements to make a mod.

Download here:

We also highly encourage you to follow a member at Sim Racing Design named Mystical. He has generously devoted a massive amount of time into explaining how mods are to be built. Follow this link to listen and read his tutorials http://www.simracingdesign.com/threads/how-to-create-a-mod-for-nr2003-tutorial-video-series.70903/