The 55 MOBIL 1 NXS20 Mustang

Well, I wrote all about this paint scheme in the blog post here. There’s not much to add other than this was a fun car to paint. I love old school paint jobs. I love the old company logo’s and the number styling from back then.

The paint scheme looks pretty basic, and it is. The metallic layer was pretty time consuming to do though. There’s also a layer replicating the metallic flake. The metallic flake layer is pretty simple. I used the noise filter and then tweaked the layer properties and opacity to make it look halfway believable.

It’s funny, one term I’ve learned from watching two of my favorite shows, Bitchin Rides and Iron Resurrection on the Motortrend channel, is the when they are talking about a paint job, I hear the term “flop”. When those guys are painting their cars and talking about what colors to use, they refer to the change in shades of the paint job by calling it “flop”. Sorta like looking at a paint job and the paint can almost change color depending on how the light hits the paint. I tried to replicate that the best I could with the metallic layer and noise layer. Take a look at the gold part of the paint, see how it takes on a different shade of gold depending on the angle you’re looking at it? The blue part sorta does the same thing.

So, with that, I give you a simple and fun paint scheme all because of the number 55 I made last week. That number got my juices flowing to start playing around in Photoshop again. Anyhow, there ya have it,lol.